I Offer Different Types of Tennis Lessons & Training

Private Lessons

I give private, individual lessons to players of all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced players.  The focus is 100% on you and what you need to learn to improve your game.  We can focus on stragegy, technique, conditioning, serves or anything else you need to move to the next level of play. 


Contact me if you would like to start an independent group of if you would like to join one of my group clinics.  I give individual attention to each member in the group while engaging the group as a whole.  Perhaps you'll meet a new buddy to practice your new skills with!

Advanced Players

I give lessons to both intermediate and advanced players working on specialty shots and game plans/strategies.  I have demonstrated success in helping my students achieve and exceed their personal goals.



Get your child hooked early on tennis, the game of a lifetime!  I have experience working with kids of all levels, from beginners to advanced players.  I also teach the 10 and under system for players under 10 years old.